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Deeter Mazda Reviews | Mazda Dealer Houston | Houston, TX


Welcome to Deeter Mazda Reviews. Deeter Mazda is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in the Houston, TX area. From the moment you walk into our showroom, you’ll know our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Deeter Mazda a good one – for the life of your vehicle

We value all of our customers, you are the reason we are here! We value your feedback, please feel free to leave a review.

Great Job

NameRobert KingEmailDate09/12/13Rating
I am a very picky/detail oriented person, I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy and they did teach me a few things about staying aware and on my toes. I want what I want especially when I am paying a high amount for it. I shopped around for over a month, I was a Hyundai owner with a 2004 Tiburon (GT Tuscani Awesome & rare car) with 195k miles on it, so you can probably see why I wanted to stick with Hyundai. Hyundai released the turbo veloster's in 2013 so I started my shopping there, researching and finally test driving. I was so disappointed that they produced an eye catcher with terrible horse power and no acceleration. So I had to move on, one day on a used lot I sat in a 2012 Speed 3 (never before giving Mazda any thought or chance) and loved how comfortable I was, so I went home and did my research on Mazda and the dealers around town. I also looked into other models that were similar, (Nismo Juke, Focus ST). I first went to a different Mazda dealer and was treated very badly and walked away. So I then went to Deeter and was prepared to walk away from Mazda if they did me the same way. Luckily Gilbert walked up to me very professionally, he is a young veteran just like myself so I guess he could relate because he was very nice, understanding that I wanted to shop around so he was not pushy. Gilbert took me on a test drive in the speed 3 and I loved it, I couldn't buy it at that moment because I had to approve it with my fiance who was at work. So we met after work, and test drove the Nismo juke, which was also nice looking but slow. Then the Focus ST, fast car, not as much of an eye catcher as the Speed3 and I was very uncomfortable in the seat. So we then went back to Gilbert, and were taken for another test drive. Gilbert and the sales manager (Joe) were very patient with me and understanding in the negotiation and did an awesome job in getting the price right for me. This was my third car purchase and I am impressed, surprised and pleased. After the many negative experiences with just this one purchase, they did a great job in satisfying my car & financial needs. And to make the purchase better, Scott in financials communicated some other features that he uses with his phone in his Mazda, then Vincent who does the new car deliveries was amazing. Perfect icing on the cake, a gentleman from Holland who discussed the car/warranty/features and everything else with me from in and out.

Bext Experience

NameFarouk ElabbassiEmailDate10/21/13Rating
This was one of the best experiences I have ever had purchasing a car. All I needed was a 3 steps task: 1. Like the car. 2. Drive the car. 3. Make the deal. Usually, #3 would be the most exhausting step, but not there, all what I had to do is tell them what I had in mind and they worked with me. They are very friendly and cooperative. I have tried so many dealers and different makers, but this was hassle free. I will definitely come back for my second car.


NameJamie VelascoEmailDate02/15/14RatingNo Score Given
I had some real issues going on with my car. I was not looking forward to taking it back to Deeter Mazda. When I had brought my car in before I always got somekind of story that because the car was in my boyfriends name that he would have to handle everything, I tried to explain that we were engaged and were getting married soon and that my boyfriend worked offshore for a month at a time. So with great hesitation I made an appointment with a Service Advisor named Raymond. When I got to the Dealership, Raymond came out to my car to meet me. He was very nice and polite and pointed out a few things that I might want to consider getting Tires, and coolant were both in need of a change. Raymond got everything going quickly and got me into a loaner car so that I would not have to rely on friends for transportation. He called me several times while my car was getting worked on to update of the status. I was so surprised at how great the serivce was I told Raymond that I was very surprised to see how much the place had changed for the better, in such a short time. Raymond explained to me that there was new Manager in Service and that he was working very hard to rebuild the reputation of the Service Department. It was 180 degree turn from what I had become acustom to. I will be back for all my repairs and maintenence in the future. I am so very IMPRESSED with the way things are now. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT! Keep up the good work guys! Deeter Mazda is now the only place I will go for service. Thank You again for everything.

Service Department

NameA DvalishviliEmailDate02/28/14Rating
This is a review of Deeter's service department. My car is a modified 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 with 56K miles. I was hearing some clunking noise in my driveline and I jacked up my car and noticed the joint shaft had a lot of play in it (I do all my own work on my car). I was planning on simply replacing the bearing in the joint shaft myself, but don't have a bearing press so I went to Deeter and explained the situation. Raymond, the service rep, told me that the entire repair would be covered under warranty if I wanted to bring in the car. I was very happy with that idea since my car is very modified (big turbo, e85 tune, intake, FMIC, downpipe, exhaust, suspension, etc. etc. etc.). So I brought the car in one morning and by evening it was done. After picking it up, within a mile or two, the clunking returned. I got it home, jacked up the car, and realized the retaining ring that holds the joint shaft to the axle hadn't been installed (yes, I also own a Mazdaspeed 3 Shop Manual). So the next day I bring the car back, and Raymond calls later and tells me that 'yes, the tech forgot to install the retaining ring.' Pick up the car at the end of the day and it's better. Fast-forward three weeks, leaving my house to go to work, heading toward the highway I start hearing a awful clunking/scraping noise. I stop the car, look underneath because I think I must have run over something (even take pics with my phone to see in tight spots). I also double-check my lug nuts because I'd just rotated my tires the day before. Nothing. Decide to turn around and go back to my house. The scraping gets worse and a block from my house the entire front-right suspension collapses, damaging the fender and other things. Luckily I was only going 5mph at the time and wasn't on the highway. Shove my camera underneath and take a pic and its obvious the problem: The bolt holding the ball joint (and lower control arm) has come out, allowing the suspension to collapse. I immediately know why this happened: The previous tech, in order to get the joint shaft out to install the retaining clip, has to remove the ball joint to drop the lower control arm and move aside the strut. That's the only way to get the joint shaft out (again, it's in the Shop Manual). So, now I'm pissed. That tech has two shots at my car and screwed up both times; first by not installing the retaining ring, and then by not torquing the ball joint knuckle bolt. So, have my car put on a flatbed to Deeter. Raymond greets me, I explain the situation and what the tech did. He takes me to see Mark, the Service Manager. He's very apologetic, says they will cover any and all repairs. They drag my car off the flatbed, put it on the lift, and it's obvious that bolt is missing and it's obvious why: the tech didn't torque it (or Loc-tite it). So, they promise to make the car as good as new, at no cost to me. It took almost 3 weeks, but the car is perfect again and they stood by their word. I paid $0. Through that entire mess it was Raymond who was the gem in this entire situation. He took really good care of me, he found issues with the car that the other techs didn't. So, in the end, I am happy with Deeter. They fixed their mistake and worked very hard to make me happy. I also learned that the tech who screwed up my car is no longer employed at Deeter.